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Business accounting and the finance Pearson -

Question: Discuss about Business accounting and finance Pearson. Answer: Company description: This report has been prepared on an Australian company which name is TPG Telecom limited. This company is working under the IT industry and the Australian telecommunication industry. The main services of the company are mobile telephone services and the internet services. According to a report, TPG telecom is the second largest comapny in Australian market in internet service provider companies. This company is mainly a merger between total peripherals group. This company has been founded in 1992 by Vickey Teoh and David. Basically, this company is performing well in terms of finance as well as in terms of finance (About us, 2018). Ownership governance structure: Substantial stakeholders: Ownership corporate governance of the TPG telecom expresses about the way good structure of the investors. 82.74% stock of the company own by the top 20 shareholders. The largest shareholder of the company is WASHINGTON H SOUL PATTINSON AND COMPANY LIMITED. The company has held 25.15% stock of the company. Currently, there are 6 stockholders in the company who has more than 5% stock in the companys shares and only 1 stockholder has more than 20% stock. Figure 1: Top twenty shareholders (Annual Report, 2018) Main people: Further, the annual report describe the CEO, executive directors, non executive directors, CFO etc of the company has been evaluated and David Teoh is the executive chairman of the company, Denis Ladbury, Robert Millner, Joseph Pang and Shane Teoh is the non executive directors of the company. The report of top 20 shareholders of the company explains that no members of the company have more than 2% stock of the company (Annual Report, 2018). Performance ratios: Performance ratios of the company have been described below. Performance ratios explain about the positive changes, position and the performance of the company. Following are some of the performance ratios of TPG Telecom as follows: Return on assets: Return on assets of the company explains that the performance of the company is quite better. It explains that how much profit is earned by the company in context with the total assets. Following is the calculations of return on assets of the company: A. Return on assets= NPAT/ total Assets 414/3911 10.59% (Jiashu, 2009) Return on equity: Return on equity of the company explains that the performance of the company is quite better. It explains that how much profit is earned by the company in context with the total equity. Following is the calculations of return on equity of the company: B. Return on Equity= Net profit after tax/ ordinary equity 414/1449 28.57% Debt ratios: Debt ratios of the company explain about the position and the capital structure of the company. The current capital structure of the company is way better. It explains that how much total liabilities are held by the company in context with the total liability. Following is the calculations of debt ratio of the company: C. Debt Ratios = Total Liabilities/ total assets 1516/3911 38.76% EBIT / TA * NPAT / EBIT * TA/ OE = NPAT / OE (598/3911)*(414/598)*(3911/1449)= (414/1449) 28.57% 28.57% TA/OE: Total assets and total equity determine the ROA and ROE of the company with the help of the Net profit after tax. If the total assets and the total equity of an organization changes than it directly makes an impact over the ROA and the ROE (Deegan, 2013). ROA and ROE: The above calculations on the TPG telecoms ROE and ROA have been evaluated and it has been found that the ROA and ROE of the company is 10.59% and 28.57%. It explains that the return on equity is always greater than the return on assets due to the accounting principle which states that the assets are the total of liabilities and the equity. Changes in stock price: The study of stock price has been evaluated further and it has been analyzed that the stock price of the company and the stock price of AORD, both are quite volatile in nature and explains about the good performance of the company (Yahoo finance, 2018). The following graph explains about the stock prices of both the stocks: Figure 2: Changes in stock price (Yahoo Finance, 2018) Evalaution: Further, the graph epxlains that the correlation of the company is in negative as it explains about the negative relationship among both the stocks. It epxlains that the changes in the stock of TPG is quite higher than the volatility of AORD stocks. Further, it explains that currently the stock price of the company is way better (Brown, Beekes and Verhoeven, 2011). Significant factors: Further, the factors has been evalauted which have imapcted on the stock price and due to which the stock of the company has been changed. The main reason behind chnage is the competetion level of the company, current report about the company that is the second largest company in the industry, further, the analysts has described in their report about a better position of the company in the market (Davies and Crawford, 2011). On the other hand, due to new technology and compatetion the stock price of the company has been lowered 2 to 3 times. Calculation of CAPM and beta values: Beta: The calculation on the stock price of the company depicts that the beta of the company is 0.7415. Required rate of return: The required rate of return of the company is as follows: Calculation of cost of equity (CAPM) RF 4.00% RM 6.00% Beta 74.15% Required rate of return 5.48% (Morningstar, 2018) Explanation: The above calculations express that the companys cost in terms of equity is 5.48%. If the company wants to raises the funds through equity than the company has to pay 5.48% of total profit as cost of equity to the stockholders of the company. The cost of equity of the company is moderate. Conservative company: According to the evaluation, it has been found that the risk of the company is lower and return of the company is quite higher and thus the company is a conservative investment. WACC calculations: Calculations of WACC are as follows: Calculation of WACC Price Cost Weight WACC Debt 949 4.20% 0.39575 0.01662 Equity 1,449 5.48% 0.60425 0.03313 2,398 Kd 4.98% (Morningstar, 2018) Working Note: Calculation of cost of debt Outstanding debt 949 interest rate 6% Tax rate 0.3 Kd 4.20% Calculation of cost of equity (CAPM) RF 4.00% RM 6.00% Beta 74.51% Required rate of return 5.48% Evaluation: The above calculations express that the companys cost in terms of equity is 5.48% and in terms of debt is 4.2%. If the company wants to raises the funds through equity than the company has to pay 5.48% of total profit as cost of equity to the stockholders of the company. On the other hand, in terms of debt, company has to pay 4.2%. The cost of equity of the company is higher than the cost of debt of the company. The above calculations express that the cost of capital of the company is 4.07%. Debt ratios: Optimal capital structure: Optimal capital structure of the company explains that the liabilities of the company have been reduced by the company to manage a better capital structure. 2017 2016 Debt Ratios Total Liabilities/ total assets Total Liabilities/ total assets 1516/3911 1997/3771 38.76% 52.96% (Brown, Beekes and Verhoeven, 2011) Gearing ratios: Gearing ratios of the company explains about the liabilities of the company which has been reduced and the borrowings of the company has been increased in current month and thus the gearing ratios of the company has been lowered. 2017 2016 Gearing ratios Total Liabilities/ Capital employed Total Liabilities/ Capital employed 1516/(3911-568) 1997/(3771-514) 45.35% 61.31% Dividend policy: The annual report of the company expresses that the company offers a great dividend to the company with a 1.25% growth rate each year. It depicts that the company is following relevant dividend policies (Annual report, 2018). Relevant dividend policies are a part of dividend policies. These policies explain to the company that they should announce and give a good amount of dividend to the stockholder so that the investment level of the company could be enhanced. Recommendation and Conclusion: To, The Client. Date: 29th Jan 2017. Subject: Recommendation about investment. Dear Client, It is recommended to you to invest into TPG telecom. The report of evaluation of TPG telecom briefs that the current position of the company is quite attractive. It presents that the huge profit is earned by the company and the great amount of dividend is given to the shareholders of the company. The market stock price of the company is also good. It explains that the investors should invest into the company. So, it is the best option for you to invest right now. Faithfully, Financial Analyst. References: About us. 2018. TPG Telecom Limited. viewed Jan 25, 2018, Annual Report. 2018. TPG Telecom Limited. viewed Jan 25, 2018, Brown, P., Beekes, W., and Verhoeven, P. 2011. Corporate governance, accounting and finance: A review.Accounting finance,51(1), 96-172. Davies, T. and Crawford, I., 2011. Business accounting and finance. Pearson. Davies, T. and Crawford, I., 2011.Business accounting and finance. Pearson. Deegan, C., 2013. Financial accounting theory. McGraw-Hill Education Australia. Jiashu, G. 2009. Study on Fair Value Accountingon the essential characteristics of financial accounting [J].Accounting Research,5, 003. Morningstar. 2018. TPG Telecom Limited. viewed Jan 25, 2018, Yahoo Finance. 2018. TPG Telecom Limited. viewed Jan 25, 2018,

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Money Webquest Essays - Currency, , Term Papers

Money Webquest Each of the questions below has a website listed to find the answers. To open the website, press the CTRL key while clicking on the hyperlink. | What are the dimensions of a dollar bill? |US currency bills are are 2.61 | | |inches wide and 6.14 inches long; | | |they are .0043 inches thick and | | |weigh 1 gram. | | What is the average life span of a dollar bill? |18-22 months | | | | |Mississippi is served by two Federal Reserve Banks: |Atlanta and St. Louis | |Where are they located? | | |Which one is Madison in? |Atlanta | || | |m | | |Who are the three men whose portraits appear on |Benjamin Franklin, Alexzander | |currency that were not U. S. Presidents? What were |Hamilton | |their claims to fame? | | | | | |Who is the only woman to appear on currency? |Martha Washington | | | | |What is the largest U. S. currency denomination printed|$100 | |today? | | || | |ill | |

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The Success of

The Success of The Success of Amazon.comIf one is preparing a list of top ten companies of the decade it would not be completed without The company is considered one of the top in the e-commerce industry and has managed to continue its success. The journey towards the success and its continuous growth is huge if not phenomenal and it shows how difficult it is to even be in the competition in the e-commerce industry. It was in 1994 when the Internet was still a baby that Jeff Bezos founder and chief executive of started the company out of a garage in Seattle. At that time the Internet was new, few had access and on top buying online was something that people feared. But of course that did not stop Bezos even though he was up against the biggest bookseller in the real world 'Barnes and Nobles'. became one of the primary instruments of the e-commerce revolution.Robot Co-op, makes of 43 Things with Jeff Bezos.This year too turned a profit despite the fact th at peers and pundits of the industry were expecting losses and even fans thought that it is the beginning of the end for the company. So what is the big mystery behind this success story, how has Amazon able to pull it off when other can barely float. Jeffrey Bezos sheds some light; one of the most important factors behind the success is the continuous refining and re-evaluation of the strategies and tactics. Bezos knows that 'Internet' is a vast and complex place to do business, he is aware of the psyche of online consumers. Moreover he realizes that in this vast, complex and dynamic place you cannot have fixed and static goals and strategies, you have to keep changing yourself, change is permanent and Amazon has been successful just...

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Disciplinary Literacies. Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Disciplinary Literacies. Communication - Essay Example Many sources of information exist that define writing and literacy in the field. A review of finance journal articles, documentations from finance oriented professional organizations, and experiences among professionals in the field are some of the sources of information for evaluating literacy in the finance field. Advertisement is one of the forms of communication that promote literacy in the field. Financial institutions depend on operations from their clients, such as deposits, withdrawal, and funds’ transfer in which service fees are charged on consumers and advertisements market the institutions. Advertisement based communication must however be sensitive to consumers and other stakeholder’s values because improper usage is likely to generate adverse reactions from stakeholders while some cases may also lead to legal liability. An advertisement by Capital One is an example that demonstrate the scope of literacy in the finance field. The advertisement was not succe ssful because while it sought to promote use of the organization’s credit cards, it elicited negative reactions and some of the advertiser’s clients threatened to close their accounts or stop using the cards. This identifies a reverse reaction to what Capital One had intended and the nature of expected communication in the field explain the experience. The main problem to the advertisement, as Aspan explains in the American Banker, was selection of words as Capital One sought to draw consumers’ attention. Other professionals in the field did not welcome the use of damn day and their response identifies significance of ethical standards in communication in the finance field (Aspan 1). Another important aspect of communication in the field, and one that also relates to corporate ethics, is application of polite language in communication. Whether in appreciatory correspondence or in a critical communication, a formal and courteous tone is recommended and pecuniary liability exist in cases where a person or an organization is believed to have influenced other people, or parties’ communication. Positive criticism, with the aim of correcting perceived ills is however acceptable and the case of Capital One advertisement explains this. Aspan reports calls by organizations that people criticize the advertisement but notes that the level of responsibility in such calls when One Million Moms explains that even though it called for e-mail communications to Capital One to criticize its advertisements, it did not advocate for offensive comments in the elicited communications. The article also identifies the use of mass communication and online communication in the finance industry. The experience in the conflict identifies the use of advertisement as a sales strategy, the act that stimulates the conflict. One Million Moms, in its response to the advertisement and in its attempt to restore sanity in the profession, uses its website, a mass media, to urge its members to criticize the advertisement. The organization also specifies its preferred mode of communication for reaching Capital One, email, and these acts identify a high level of literacy among stakeholders in the finance sector to promote written and online communication. The level of literacy, in the sector, is also explained through expertise

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment (free internet on campus) Essay

Annotated Bibliography Assignment (free internet on campus) - Essay Example Similarly, the teachers utilize the Internet to supplement their lessons. In essence, the Internet has benefited education by opening up a substantial amount of knowledge to a broader range of students. Anderson, Janna, Boyles, Jan, and Rainie, Lee. â€Å"The future impact of the Internet on higher education.† Pew Research Center. Web. 23 Mar 2015 Anderson, Boyles, and Rainie examine the impacts that the Internet will present to the higher education in the future. The comprehensive research indicates that advancement in technology will compel the institutions of higher learning to expand online courses and change the credentialing structures. The research, which targets the policymakers in education, articulates the positive impacts of the Internet such as increased collaboration, massive online course, and a shift in the instructional methods. The article will be helpful in the research, as it will offer the future perspective of the Internet. Specifically, the article’s findings will inform the recommendation section to show the significance of providing free Internet on campus. The source is valid because it comes from a credible research institute and the authors demonstrate huge expertise in their fields. In addition, the article has explored the subject matter from different dimensions as opposed to one perspective. Andrew, a professor at Deakin University, refutes the popular view that technology can solely enhance the learning experience. The article, which targets the instructors, indicates that a problem in the instrumental view of the Internet exists. The findings of the article emphasize the significance of examining technology from the social, political, and ethical perspectives. The author argues that socio-economic factors have implications on the Internet. The source is credible

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Revelation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Revelation - Essay Example The comprehension of Flannery O’Connor’s battle with lupus, as well as her belief in Roman Catholic ideologies, adds to the appreciation of her writing. This paper will use the biographical theory to critique O’Connor’s short story Revelation. O’Connor’s background influenced her writing of Revelation. The plot centers on O’Connor’s experiences and thoughts, for instance, a notable inspiration of her story is her Southern upbringing. In her lifetime, Southerners were prejudicial towards people on account of their races and lifestyles. Southerners believed that people less fortunate than them were inferior to them, thereby, labeling people as different things. Southerners offered O’Connor necessary images to construct the characters, for instance, in Revelation, character identification occurs on the basis of their physical features and race. For example, Mrs. Turpin makes racially prejudicial statements referring to chara cters such as a classy woman as â€Å"well-dressed and pleasant†, a teenager as â€Å"ugly†, a poor woman as â€Å"white trash† and her black workers as â€Å"niggers†. The characteristics that Mrs. Turpin uses to label characters exemplify O’Connor’s Southern lifestyle. ... However, the most substantial influence on Revelation is O’Connor’s religion. Religion is one of the most prominent themes of the story. O’Connor’s Catholic heritage is the main influencer of this theme. Similar to other authors, O’Connor appears fascinated by the subject of the actuality of sin, as well as its effects on humans. Through the story, O’Connor demonstrates reality and personal qualities as determinants of people’s destiny and fate, which ultimately uncovers social truths. This background, a plausible plot, convincing characterization and viable literary devices, enable O’Connor to develop themes such as religion and the essence appreciating people for their deeds rather than exterior. In order to develop these themes, O’Connor establishes a credible plot using social conflict, an unhappy ending and the element of surprise. Revelation has both minor and serious social conflicts, for instance; the minor confli ct is essentially between Mrs. Turpin and the woman dubbed white-trash. This conflict emanates from Mrs. Turpin’s belief that she is of a superior socioeconomic rank than the other woman. The story’s serious conflict is between the teenage girl and Mrs. Turpin, which accelerates in the story, particularly through Mrs. Turpin’s facial expressions and rude gestures and remarks towards the teenager. For instance, Mrs. Turpin considers the teenager’s face as the â€Å"ugliest face she has ever seen anyone make† (O’Connor 394). In order to develop the story’s themes further, O’Connor uses clear motivation, plausibility and unswerving behavior to fortify the story’s convincing characterizations. Mrs. Turpin is always curious and observant of those around and victimizes other characters. Mrs. Turpin gains her

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Biography of Katherine Johnson

Biography of Katherine Johnson This autobiography is focused on Katherine Johnson, the human computer and mathematician. Her triumphs were a part of the civil rights movement, as she was one of the few federally employed African Americans specifically by NASA. While continuously fighting for the betterment of her education and career, she was successful in helping put the first man into space. In fact, it was John Glenn himself who requrested Mr. Johnsons confirmation of the BMIs calculations before boarding Friendship 7. She was a necessity in the launch and landing of Americas first space shuttle, providing to millions of Americans that a black person was just as capable as any. She was also the first black women integrated into West Virginia Universitys college. Her contributions to our country rewarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015. Katherine Johnson was born in our very own home state on August twenty-sixth in the early fall of nineteen eighteen. She was born and raised in White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Her mother and father were Joshua and Joylette Coleman. She wa the youngest of four siblings, and both of her parents worked; her mother was a teacher and her father worked at the Greenbrier Hotel. They both loved Katherine dearly and wanted to further her education once they realized the great potential that she had. Many African Americans her age did not go past the eighth grade. Quickly, her parents enrolled all four of their children into high school on the campus of West Virginia State College. Traveling back and forth one hundred and fifty miles to White Sulphur Springs and Institute gave Katherine the opportunity to dream big just at the age of ten. Once Katherine graduated high school, she applied and was accepted into West Virginia State College which may also be known as West Virginia State University today. During her childhood she loved numbers, growing up she loved numbers, and as she aged she grew into a mathematician. While attending college, Katherine took advantage of every opportunity given to her. Many of Katherines professors recognized her determination as she took every math course available. A woman named W.W. Schiefflin Claytor even went to lengths to create her new math courses. At the age of eighteen, Katherine graduated college and accepted a teaching position at an African American public school in Virginia. Shortly after graduation, she met her first husband, James Goble, and married him in year of nineteen thirty-nine. Being the first African American in history to desegregate West Virginia University, Katherine enrolled into the graduate program. After one session, she decided to quit and start a family. Luckily at a family gathering, thirteen years later in nineteen fifty-two, a relative mentioned that the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was hiring mathematicians. The next year, she was offered a job which she accepted and became a part of NASA. Until nineteen fifty-eight, Katherine worked as a computer analyzing topics such as gust alleviation for aircraft. She was then assigned to help the male flight research team temporarily. Blowing away her bosses and colleagues with analytic geometry proved her position there, so she stayed. Taking on racial and gender discrimination was hard for Katherine; however, she persevered by ignoring them and sticking to her work. Throughout her career, she worked as an aerospace technologist, and was promoted to the Spacecraft Control Branch. She contributed and took place in major historical events and accomplishments for America such as John Glenns orbit around Earth, the Mercury mission, and putting the first man into space! She was expected to calculated trajectories, launch windows, and to plot navigational plots for astronauts in case of electronic failures. John Glenn specifically asked officials to have Katherine verify the calculations made by the computer, stating that he refused to fly otherwise. Her work ensured Alan Shepards Freedom 7 Mercury capsule would be found after it had landed. Her trajectories were required for the nineteen sixty-nine Apollo 11 flight to the moon. She helped creating a one-star observation system that would allow astronauts to determine their location with accuracy; After all, her concern was getting them (astronauts) back. Since there, she has worked on the Space Shuttl e program, the Earth Resources Satellite, and on plans for a mission to Mars. West Virginia University presented her with a Presidential Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for attaining national and international preeminence in the field of astrophysics and providing distinguished leadership and service in her field while the former President of the United States awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.